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NyanProjects is a system of cross-connected projects for those who want to bee free and not limited by any social borders. Our goal is to provide free, easy to use and original service for those who want to relax from daily pressure of society. Here you can be yourself.
Choose your interest from a list below and just get started!
A Non-Stop Japanese Trance and other Electronic music radio. Listen to 3900+ tracks of selected japanese trance, dance, vocaloid and other japanese electronic music. We broadcast music by EXIT TRANCE, AGEHA, Ryu* and other famous composers and bands from Japan. Sometimes you can take act in live streams, but they are apperaing suddenly. Stay tuned!
A free and completely anonymous chat. It was designed for the radio, but you can talk there anytime and from anywhere, no limits.
An anonymous imagboard. Did you ever hear about 4chan? NyanChan is something like that, but it's driven by you. Feel free to talk about anything on /b/ or look at stunning urbanistic pictures on /wi/ board!
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